The house is in lovely condition and it’s one of the best student houses in Bangor. Very clean when we arrived in September when we moved in. The landlord is always very attentive and if there is an issue he’s always come round as soon as he can to resolve it for us.
– J. Taylor

   It’s great living somewhere that feels so modern and home like. Having bills included and Adrian on hand to help is a huge weight off our minds and makes for a happy and relaxed living environment.
– D. Margaret-Paul

   Both houses have been fantastic and have really helped to make our third year comfortable and stress free. There haven’t been any problems and Adrian has been incredibly helpful with all our questions. Would stay longer if I had anymore years at Bangor.
– S. Doughty

   Living in such a pleasant and modern house has enabled me to feel comfortable and safe while being away from home. I believe it has helped me enjoy university more as it provides a good environment for a household to come together and bond. The care we have received from the landlord has been great and very appreciated. He is very understanding and will help with any situation, whether it be maintenance work or just simple queries. I strongly recommend such a house to students who want a great and beautiful place as well as a supportive landlord.
– T. Kelly

   The house is lovely and modern, with a spacious shower, rooms, living room and plenty of space on the kitchen work top and each room having comfy furniture and plenty of space for storage. Haven’t had any problems with the heating, water, internet or anything and everything is easy to clean. The garden is nice and well kept with a gardener popping by every now and then to keep it tame.
Adrian is a wonderful landlord, with experience I’ve had in the past I wasn’t too hopeful for the future, when we message about fixtures other landlords would take an age to reply and even longer to fix the issue, when we message the landlord he replies within the day and is usually over the next day to sort it out, with whoever else may be needed for the job, happy to discuss requests and always lets us know before he visits. Couldn’t ask for a better landlord.
I love to say it’s a people house, not a typical run down student house and if I wasn’t graduating I would love to stay.
– R. Nichols

   Having seen what’s out there on the market you will not find better student houses than these. The house is done up to a remarkably high standard with a landlord who is always ready to help out with any queries.
– T. Bowers

   59 has all the bases covered from electricity to heating, even entertainment with the well equipped living room. The house remains well heated but also well ventilated, this allows the house to be kept in a lovely condition no matter the weather.
– C. Strong

   The house and bedrooms feel like a home away from home and a place where we all enjoy being. Friends always come round and tell us we have the nicest house in Bangor and if we ever have any problems, they have always been sorted that day. Don’t often get that service with big agencies.
– L. Johnson